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Private Sessions

Healing Workshops

Healing Workshops

It is always a good time to start taking better care of yourself and Yoga is the perfect place to begin. I specialize in building a customized practice to suit the needs of each individual. Through private sessions, we will design a foundation for you based on where you are today and work toward your personal goals. Give your self the gift of Yoga.

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Healing Workshops

Healing Workshops

Healing Workshops

Join in for a day-long or weekend-long workshop! Choose from a variety of courses ranging from Yoga, movement, pranayama and breathing, emotional healing,  trauma release, nutritional guidance, chanting, chakric cleansing, ayurvedic wellness, etc.

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Wellness Retreats

Healing Workshops

Wellness Retreats

When you are ready for a full retreat into self care and healing, sign up for a 3, 5 or 7 day-long retreat. Immerse yourself in healing mineral waters at the base of beautiful Mt. Shasta or find yourself meditating in a tropical paradise. These retreats will give you back to the world feeling refreshed and renewed, come see for yourself! 

Chacala 2020 schedule

Morning Yoga w/ Ocean View

Morning Yoga w/ Ocean View

Morning Yoga w/ Ocean View


Tues & Thurs


Palapa Casa Mirador

Gentle, practical, informative Yoga

Led by Lindsay Katalyna

Chacala Women's Circle

Morning Yoga w/ Ocean View

Morning Yoga w/ Ocean View




Hotel Pura Chacala

Women's Wisdom Sharing Circle and Sound Bath

Hosted by Lindsay Katalyna

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Private Sessions

Customize your Lifestyle

Upcoming Retreats


My passion is to work with people on a personal level to design a customized Yoga practice that best suits their individual needs. 

Private sessions are available on a sliding scale, depending on individual financial situations and what type of work we do together.

Based out of Eugene, Oregon most of the year, I also offer remote classes via Skype and phone-support for recovery or general wellness coaching. I spend Winter in Mexico where I also host private retreats and work remotely with people world-wide.

Upcoming Retreats

Customize your Lifestyle

Upcoming Retreats


Women's Wellness Retreat

Mt. Shasta, CA Sept 2020

Yoga, massage, mineral waters, sauna, song, dance, sound bath, sisterhood, etc...

Take advantage of Early Bird Specials!


Vitality Renewal Retreat

Chacala, Mexico - Feb 2021

Yoga, Breathing, Gut-Health education, Dance, Nia, Relaxation, Aromatouch massage, optional hikes, beach, sunshine, etc....

Reserve your spot today! 


Customize your Lifestyle

Customize your Lifestyle

Customize your Lifestyle


Let's customize your path to wellness! I work with a number of approaches including Yoga, nutrition, herbs, sound healing, chakric cleansing, etc. My passion is to help people design a lifestyle that serves them best. Let's see what little changes we can make in your day that will make big changes in your life! 

I offer free wellness consultations to new clients, please email me to set up a meeting. 

Winter in Mexico

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC

Customize your Lifestyle


If you need a tropical wellness vacation during the cold months of Winter, consider joining a wellness retreat with Yoga Radiate in Nayarit, Mexico.

From Dec-April, we are based out of Chacala, a beautiful beach town that has a special touch of magic. 

Contact us about private retreat experiences or attending a group wellness retreat including Yoga, Bodywork, Nutrition and Dance. 

These are a full Vitality Renewal Retreat Vacations. Yoga Radiate has teamed up with experts from US and Canada to offer these incredible experiences. Each day begins by practicing Yoga with an oceanview, learning how to better take care of yourself on a practical level. Then take your gut-healthy smoothie made from local ingredients (mango, pineapple, etc...) to learn from nutritional expert Katherine Belisle (Founder of "It Takes Gut to Heal") about how to heal your digestive issues and change your life from the inside out. You will enjoy a healthy lunch, with vegan and gluten-free options available. Spend your day relaxing on the beach, drinking coconuts, playing in the ocean and dining upon local cuisine. Throughout the week you will receive an included hour-long bodywork session with AromaTouch specialist Marie LaBrecque, relaxing the muscles and stimulating lymphatic cleansing. Each night after sunset, we re-gather under the stars on the hotel's rooftop terrace for soul-stirring movement led by dance specialist Kathryn Thomas.

During your week in paradise, you will have opportunities to shop a traditional Mexican cultural market, go on a whale-watching boat ride experience, paddle-board on the ocean, visit local petroglyphs, cleanse and detoxify in a traditional temazcal sweat lodge led by local shamans, or just relax on the secluded beach and listen to the waves ... options are endless. Create your own reality.

Let us help you make your wellness and lifestyle dreams come true!

Join us in Mexico


Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC


"I have been working with Lindsay for years now. She not only listens to your needs, she always finds a solution. Whether it be my yoga practice, nutritional needs or just a motivational pick-me-up, she is my go to gal! She truly helps me be the best version of myself!" -JL

"She has changed my life. For the better!!" -JM

“As yoga practitioners for many years, we are quick to recognize exceptional instructors.  Lindsay is indeed exceptional.  She   directs with authority but presents multiple options to accommodate all student levels, she is innovative and observant.  One feels one is in good hands.  In short she inspires confidence!" -MT & PM

"Wonderful, creative yoga!!" -KM

"Fantastic personalized Yoga for the beginner to advanced yogi." -CC

"Yoga with Yoga Radiate is exactly what a person can practice to bring joy and balance into their lives." SM

"Lindsay teaches Yoga and Breath workshops at the University of Oregon's Foreign Language & International Studies (FLIS) day and they are a huge success! 

Lindsay is a wonderful and innovative teacher who created fun games and exercises that she could use in a large group setting for our event. Her sessions filled so quickly with eager students that we had to close the doors! She had close to 100 students in each workshop where they got to experience fun yoga inspired games and breathing exercises. The students were engaged, respectful of her and their peers, and loved the sessions! She had students asking if they could attend her next workshop, but there were already lines out the door to get in!"-MH

"She has provided me with specialized yoga instruction.  I use a wheelchair for mobility and cannot sprawl out on a mat.  She created an individualized series of yoga exercises for me which she printed out and had laminated for me so that I would have it available all the time.  Her style of presenting material is student-centered, warm and encouraging.  She demonstrates a willingness to share information with anyone who shows interest, even outside of a formal educational setting."  -JG

"I feel so blessed having the opportunity to practice yoga in paradise with Lindsay, a master instructor. She covers all the bases needed for a complete daily practice."


"Thank you for your upbeat classes and energy and radiant personality. The 'special' set of exercises for my knees is a gift much appreciated."


"Very personal and specialized hands-on training."

"She brings a worldview into the practice of yoga with her years of experience and studies abroad." -KH

"I attended one of Lindsay's wellness retreats last year... it was magical! If you're ready to move forward in life, learn self care in life and not sure where to start,  this is an excellent Yoga/overall wellness/healing retreat" -LP

"Simply amazing yoga teacher"

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC

Lindsay Katalyna Keiser, RYT-200, CHWC



"Katalyna" Lindsay Keiser is an international Yoga Educator and wellness guide. She was introduced to Yoga at a very young age by her grandmother Lena. She rediscovered the healing powers of Yoga at the University Of Oregon in 2004 where she studied Hatha Yoga and meditation with Sandy Adler. 

After leaving home in her teenage years and living on the streets, she battled addictions, depression and toxic relationship patterns. Her studies of Yoga, meditation and substance abuse prevention at the UO helped form her worldview, recovery journey and spiritual path. 

She graduated from the University in 2009 with degrees in Spanish Literature and Cultural Anthropology (focus - Indigenous Meso-American Cultures.) 

She received her RYT-200 Yoga teaching certification in 2012 with Marianne Wells, a direct understudy of B.K.S. Iyengar. Coming from this foundational lineage, she teaches alignment-based yoga with an open heart. 

In 2014 she received her Street Yoga certification, to specialize in working with troubled and homeless youth, recovering addicts, trauma survivors , people with high levels of depression and anxiety, PTSD survivors and incarcerated populations.  

After a long history of medical complications from childhood including gallstone diagnosis in 1993 and a complicated tumor surgery in 1999, she was dedicated to finding a way to be pain-free and healthy without using Western Medicine's surgeries and pharmaceutical approaches. In 2016, she quit drinking and made serious commitments to her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleanliness, and that path has led her to a healthy lifestyle free of meat, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods. She now helps others struggling with addictions to customize their recovery path and prevent relapse through Yoga, meditation and deep self-exploration.

She specializes in women's wellness, hosting women's circles and women's wellness retreats in Oregon, California and Mexico. Her goal is share her wisdom to ALL those who come across her path and learn from every interaction. She lives by the motto, "Everyone is my teacher."

She approaches wellness on a holistic level, helping her clients to transform their lives through Yoga, nutrition and various medicines and healing practices from all over the world. She believes each individual has very unique wellness needs and her passion is to help people find what works to bring them to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Now teaching private sessions, healing workshops and leading yoga retreats internationally, she travels to Mexico each Winter to teach and study. She is dedicated to studying indigenous tribal medicine and dance. 

She spends the rest of the year in her beloved life-long home of Eugene, Oregon where she is an auntie of six and a Faerie Godmother. She leads women's circles, events, classes and workshops, collaborating with other local healers. She teaches Bilingual Yoga and Breath Workshops at the University of Oregon & Yamada Language Center. She offers specialized Yoga to the homeless community and often leads free community classes as part of a mission to make Yoga available to all.

In her free time she can be found smiling and laughing with her beloved Pirate and his sweet daughter, hiking, chanting, painting, sculpting, bellydancing and balancing flaming swords on her head! She goes to annual art and music festivals and loves being in the forest among magical creatures. Feeling her deep roots as a Faerie and Witch, she flies around creating magic and dances with the sacred element fire. She is a free Spirit and a lover of life and laughter.

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